Training Materials

Technical data encompasses a variety of information pertinent to manufactured equipment. The information originates as engineering design data. The engineering data dictates the development of supporting logistic supportability data that includes the appropriate technical instructions for the operation and maintenance of subject equipment. These instructions support the development of training materials that equipment technicians with the proper knowledge and skills to operate and maintain the equipment.

Our training methodology and industry standard PADDIE approach address program requirements with curriculum materials developed and based on results of supportability task analysis, test evaluations and the equipment operation and maintenance manuals while ensuring our products are SCORM-compliant using a variety of Government, e.g. Navy CPM/LO and AIM II, Army TDC, etc…, and commercial software applications. The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a set of technical standards for e-learning designed to make training more accessible and related content reusable.

Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) training materials are created based on the PADDIE+M philosophy of planning, analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation, and life-cycle maintenance.

We develop Training Management, Course and Support materials such as:

  • Training Project Plan (TPP)
  • Course Conduct Information Package (CCIP)
  • Course Training Task List (CTTL)
  • Curriculum Outline of Instruction (COI)
  • Training Course Control Document (TCCD)
  • Learning Analysis Report (LAR)
  • Lesson Plan (LP)
  • Trainee Guide (TG)
  • Testing Package (TP)
  • Instructional Media Package (IMP)
  • Visual Information (VI)

in accordance with a variety of governing specifications that include for example:

  • MIL-PRF-29612
  • NAVEDTRA-130
  • NAVEDTRA-136
  • DI-SESS-81518
  • DI-SESS-81520
  • DI-SESS-81521
  • DI-PSSS-81522
  • DI-PSSS-81523
  • DI-PSSS-81524
  • DI-SESS-81525
  • TRADOC 350-70 Series
  • AFI 36-2201
  • AFH 36-2235
  • AFMAN 36-2234