Logistics Product Data Analysis

Early design decisions have a critical impact on Life Cycle Costs of a project.  At Harry Kahn Associates our ISO-9001:2015 certified processes ensure that valid, informed decisions are made early in the design process in order to control Life Cycle Costs. Our experienced logisticians can guide you through these ever increasing demands while you concentrate on producing the product.

Our goal is your success in meeting these existing and emerging requirements.  To this end:

  • Our logistics service offerings are aligned to the DoD Product Support Manager (PSM) construct which brings to bear new logistic considerations/requirements for OEMs.
  • We have extensive expertise supporting DoD and military services acquisition programs.

In conjunction with OEM design engineers, we develop and validate the logistics data from detailed level drawings and parts lists, updating as required. We identify and recommend areas for supportability improvement in the planning process and monitor results throughout the project. Our logistic element planning causes or influences the delivery of support element processes that reflect the requirements of the equipment configurations it supports, its compatibility with companion elements, and consistency with other relevant supportability and program management systems.

Typical LPD developed and analyses performed include but are not limited to:

  • Provisioning Parts Lists (PPL)
  • Maintenance Plans (MaPl)
  • Supplemental Data For Provisioning (SDFP)
  • Interim Support Items List (ISIL)
  • Failure Modes Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  • Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA)
  • Level Of Repair Analysis (LORA)
  • Reliability & Maintenance Analysis (R&M)

Logistics Product Data is developed in accordance with the specifications GEIA-STD-0007, MIL-STD-1388-1A/2B, MIL-PRF-49506 as required, utilizing automated LPD database software to capture and organize the data for reporting and delivery products. This ensures a logical, repeatable, analytical, step-by-step process that is auditable and produces logistics support products that are required throughout the various life-cycle phases of the subject equipment. These products are compatible with a variety of LPD database software and satisfy all Government Logistics contract line item (CLIN) deliverables typically required.