Got Government Work?

I had a very interesting conversation the other day with a customer who wants to expand their business into contracting with the Government, and thought you might find it interesting as well. They stated that “We’ve tried repeatedly to break into Government contracting (in this case DoD related) but without success”. I hear this all the time from OEMs who are frustrated in negotiating the path to successful Government contracting. I asked this person if they had ever scheduled a capabilities presentation with this particular agency in order to pre-sell their capabilities. They answered “No – but how would we go about doing that?” After discussing it in more detail and explaining the benefits of this approach we jointly scheduled an opportunity to do just that.

We’ve found that jointly presenting our capabilities to Government buyers and technical representatives helps them to become familiar and comfortable when considering us for solutions to their support needs. Selling to the Government is essentially no different than selling to the Commercial world. Admittedly the environment is more structured and confusing, but persistence pays off. It is human nature to buy from companies and individuals with whom we are familiar and have a good working relationship.

I would be interested in your impressions/experiences regarding this issue and encourage you to share some of the pros and cons of pre-selling your company to the Government.

I’d also like to talk to you about opportunities where we can work together toward successful Government contracting where all parties benefit.

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