Cost Efficiencies For Manufacturers By Outsourcing Technical Data Development

Program cost efficiencies can be gained by careful process improvement analysis. Normally this analysis reveals that outsourcing of specific aspects of operations to organizations that specialize in those services or products can provided substantial benefit. These benefits accrue not only in cost reduction, but also in quality of product and timeliness of delivery.

Technical documentation development is one such area that is often neglected and yet is critical to the delivery of a “total package” that fully meets the customer’s expectations. Quality technical documentation ensures that the end-user has a positive experience with the product and easy access to the information they require to safely and effectively operate and maintain the equipment.

Technical documentation takes many forms and the content and appearance specifications governing its creation and update can be complex or even overwhelming (but most certainly time consuming) to manufacturer’s technical staff. Operation and maintenance manuals, Logistical Product Data (LPD) and training materials – especially if the products are being sold to the DoD – are also critical in satisfying contract requirements and program delivery milestone goals that directly affect contract performance, receipt of payments and consequently cash flow (especially critical for small to mid-sized OEMs).

Outsourcing for these services can dramatically improve efficiency and allow more effective and efficient use of costly in-house labor while producing a better quality product, especially when developing these products is collateral duty for the manufacturer’s already over-taxed technical staff. Engineers can instead concentrate their time on product design and improvement.

Harry Kahn Associates, Inc. (HKA) has an outstanding reputation in performing these services for OEMs. Throughout a typical project HKA performs as the OEM’s subject matter experts in all aspects of technical data development, ensuring that all goes smoothly with the customer throughout the development, multiple review cycles and delivery of these products.

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