Lakehurst Small Business Roundtable (LKE-SBR)


LKE SBRLakehurst Small Business Roundtable (LKE-SBR) will work in collaboration with the NAWCAD, Lakehurst Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) in support of Naval Aviation programs, policies, plans, and other matters pertinent to NAVAIR’s responsibilities and commitment to Small Businesses.

LKE-SBR draws on the expertise of its members, the Government and industry experts to address small business concerns and to provide training and advice as it seeks to strengthen and expand the small business base supporting Naval Aviation.

LKE-SBR is a self-governed organization of independent Small Business companies – not a Government-run organization.

LKE-SBR is not a marketing event/group, but rather an open forum designed to foster a stronger Small Business support community.

Benefits of LKE-SBR

Better Communication leads to better understanding of each others’ requirements and limitations.

Better Understanding leads to working issues out before they become a problem for both Government and Industry.

General Membership Meetings

April 2021 

1_Doing Business with LKE 07 April 2021

2_LRAF Discussin WBM 07 April 2021

3_The New SAM.GOV 07 April 2021



December 2020

SB Industry Day 2020 combined PAO apvd

NAWCAD Lakehurst discusses upcoming opportunities at Small Business Industry Day

1_Bio-Sheila Harris-Adams, EXEC Board Member

2_Bio-Margaret Margle, EXEC Board Member

3_Bio-Will Mumma, EXEC Board Member

4_Bio-Pushpa Merchant, EXEC Board Member

5_Bio-Sowmya Hariharan, EXEC Board Member

6_Bio-Tom Baker, EXEC Board Member

7_Bio-Jatinder Singh, EXEC Board Member

8_Bio-Eduard Eichen, EXEC Board Member

9_Bio-William Simunek, EXEC Board Member

10_Bio-Jeannie Whitfield Bio, EXEC Board Member

October 2020

1_Re-Opening in the Shadow of COVID

2_DYI Marketing

July 2020




4_Small Biz Rountable – Cyber and ST 23 July 2020


6_Bio-Dan Rupinski Oracle

7_Bio-Trib Singh EIT

8_Bio-Bill Trussell EIT

9_Bio-Dr John Johnson MBDM

10_Bio-Sheila Harris Adams

11_Bio Robert J Hanley Sabre

12_Bio Robert Royer Sabre

13_Sabre SBR LKE 7-23-2020

14_Small Business Brief-Cyber Branch-2020 v2

January 2020

1_SBRT-Cervellieri-Business Owners-1-30-20-R

2_Vinnie LKE SBR Jan 2020

3_Contractor FULL OH Rate vs Gov’t-Site OH-Modified Rate

October Industry Day 2019

1_NAWCAD Industry Day Presentation 30 Oct 2019

2_CDR Reynolds slides (OIC SBR Remarks_2019)

3_NASC Overview LKE Roundtable

August 2019

1_Payment terms and conditions

2_Common Invoicing Issues



5_Bio-Chris Fleming

6_Bio-David Kern

7_Bio-Joseph Greger

8_Bio-Kevin Smith

May 2019

1_Raising Capital – Toni Musorrafiti

2_SBA Resources & Services

3_Bio-Antoinette (Toni) Musorrafiti

4_Bio-Sheryl Paynter

5_Bio-Deby Findley

6_Bio-Thomas Lilley

7_Bio-Ed Moran

February 2019

1_LKE SBR Feb 5 Agenda

2_ New DFARS Deviations LKESBR 5 FEB 2019

3_LKE SBR Post Award HW 5 Feb 2019

4_LKE SBR Post Award Services 5 Feb 2019

5_Bio-George H Wasenius

6_Bio-Sowmya Hariharan

7_Bio-Mike Rolecki

8_Bio-Hope Zullabio

October Industry Day 2018

1_LKE SBR Industry Day Oct 11 2018 welcome slides 20181009 1503


3_NAWCAD LKE Brief to LKE SBRT Industry Day Oct 2018 (002)

2018 LKE SBR Industry Day Presentation Combined

July 2018

1_LKE SBR July 2018 GM welcome slides

2_SBRT – July 2018

3_JMR Proposal Development_Module 1 Program Launch Lakehurst SBRT 7 18 2018 (003)


5_Myth Busters

6_Contracts panel slide for 17 July 2018 LKE SBR GM

April 2018

1_LKE SBR April 18 GM welcome slides_D4




October Industry Day 2017

1_LKE SBR Industry Day Oct 18 2017 welcome slides

2_Navy SBIR Overview – Lakehurst

3_LK SB industry SBIR brief Oct 2017

4_LKE brief for LKE SBR 18 Oct 2017

5_SBIR Brief to Lke Small Business Roundtable Oct 2017 MARK CORRECTED

6_Industry Day 2017 DC

August 2017

GSA Overview

072016 OASIS Overview

January 2017

2017 01 18 Agenda


NAVAIR Cost Proposal Requirements 12-23-16-PM-AB

LKE SBR Fact Sheet

DCAA Accounting System – Ann Marie Frank

Bio-Wm. Brad Mead

Bio-Vinnie Cervellieri

Bio-Sheila Harris-Adams

Bio-Ann Marie Frank

October Industry Day 2016


Shelby Buter OSBP

Services Industry Day

SBIR Brief to Lke SBR Oct 2016

SAM Workshop Flyer

PEO A – UW PSE Division LKE SBR 18 Oct 2016

NAVAIR LKE BRIEF 18 OCT 2016_SBR (Mauricio)

LKE SBR Fact Sheet

LKE PEO(T) ALRE Programs

Industry Day 2016 DC

FAR Series 2016

DON SBE Strategic Plan FINAL

Bio-Shelby Butler-2016

Bio-Raul Mercado

Bio-Emily Harman

Bio-Dawn Chartier

AIR-1.0 Programs Division LKE SBR 18 Oct 2016


4.8.8 Prototype & Manufacturing

July 2016

2016 07 18 Agenda

FINAL Topic Discussion Slides

GA_SBPrgm_Training_LKE_Event 2016 (for distribution)

Idea Day Interest Form_V2

May 2016

2016 05 10 Agenda


LKE SBR Importance of Outlines_V1

Source Selection Presentation

January 2016

2016 01 21 Agenda

2016 GM Summary _4_

LKE_SBR GM 2015 Synopsis_V1

Review LKE-18-November-2014-PAO-APVD-SB

Specific requirement briefing suggestions 2015 08 06

October 2015

2015 10 15 Agenda

Additional Info & Stats – Dawn Chartier

ALRE – Brian Barr

BAH – Yuri Cruz, Dave Docherty

CSE – James Deffler

NAVAIR LKE Overview – Mauricio Borrero

Services – Patrick Smith

Science&Technology, SBIR – Mark Husni

PSE – Thomas Knudsen

Prototype&Manufacturing – Jeff Lewis

NJMEP – John Kennedy

August 2015

Open Mic Paragraph

Services Industry Day August 2015 Approved

Contract Type August 2015 final Approved

Specific requirement briefing suggestions 2015 08 06

2015 08 13 GM LKE SBR Agenda

Intro__DCAA_Overview @ 2015-07-13


March 2015

Shipley 15 CFFs in Business Development

LRAF Presentation

2015 03 23 Agenda

252 Round Table Brief 031915 PAO APVD

November 2014



Contractor Support Services PAO APVD

Manufacturing BPA’s PAO APVD

Lakehurst overview brief SBRT 11-18-14

Doing Business with LKE 18 November 2014 PAO APVD SB

Technology Transfer, Education Outreach