James V. Jones Integrated Logistics Support Training Event December 2017

HKA was very fortunate to have Mr. James V. Jones, scholar of logistics engineering, conduct multiple training sessions with us in December 2017.  In these sessions, Mr. Jones provided an overview of the history and foundational concepts of logistics engineering as well as an in-depth treatment of Product Support Analysis related topics.  Mr. Jones explained the historical perspective of military logistics which has led to the current requirements placed on every development program.  Standards and specifications used to guide supportability, design, and logistics engineering were also covered.

James V. Jones is an internationally recognized authority in integrated logistics support, sustainment, supportability engineering and development and management of logistics support solutions   and is President of Logistics Management Associates, providing logistics and sustainment consulting services to a diverse customer base for more than 30 years.  Mr. Jones is a highly regarded lecturer and educator and is the author of several books, including The Integrated Logistics Support Handbook as well as the Supportability Engineering Handbook.

We thank Mr. Jones for sharing his time and talent with us during this week.